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Case Files & Pictures
Episode 1.png
Podcast Episode 2 Post.png
E3 Bilibid Vaxx Trials.png
E4 Drop-Dead Esmin.png
Death at Duke (1).png
anorexic averil.png
Episode 8 The Cole Case Debate.png
Episode 9 The Gyno Picture Show (1).png
Episode 10 The Applewhite Allergy Incident.png
Episode 10 The Larry Nassar Scandal Part 1 (1).png
Episode 12 nassar (1).png
Episode 13 Baby Fever in NICU.png
Episode 14 unit 731.jpg
Episode 15 The growth study stash.png
Episode 16 Botched Brains.jpg
Episode 17 rabies.png
Episode 18 Nursing Home Neglect.jpg
Episode 19 MUA Mishap.jpg
Episode 20 Another Pill in the Mill.jpg
Episode 21 Surgical Awakening.jpg
E22 The Fraud Father.jpg
Episode 23 Dr. Death Part 1.png
Episode 24 Dr. Death Part 2.jpg
EP25 The Runaway - Dr. E. Coli.jpg
Ep 26 Star-Struck-Scopy.jpg
EP27 The Faith Case Fiasco.jpg
Episode 28.jpg
EP29 - The Testicular Mix-Up.jpg
EP30 The Unhygienic Dentist.jpg
Episode 31 Les Mislabel.jpg
Episode 32 Christmas Conundrums.jpg
EP33 Transplant Tragedy.jpg
Episode 33 King of POP, Prince of Propofol (Part 1).jpg
EP 35 - King of Pop, Prince of Propofol (Part II).jpg
EP 36  the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment.jpg
EP37 The SaTH Maternity Scandal.jpg
EP38 The Discovery Rule - Spath v. Morrow.jpg
EP39 Dr. Blatti; The Long Island _Serial Killer_.jpg
EP40 The Death of Donda West.jpg
EP 41 Double-Take, The Case of Colton Read.jpg
E42 The Three Strikes Amendment.jpg
Episode 43.jpg
Episode 44.png
Episode 44 (1).png
EP 46 Fertility & Fentanyl.jpg
EP 47 Screwdriver Schenanigans.jpg
EP48 Mastectomy Mistakes.jpg
EP49 The ICU Fentanyl Scandal.jpg
EP 50 The Shands Slip Up.jpg
Copy of E3 Bilibid Vaxx Trials (2) (1).png
E52  The Perez v. Chaundhry Case.jpg
EP 57 The Killer Nurse - Part I.jpg
EP 59 The Johnson v Omondi Case.jpg
Episode 44.png
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