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Charles Cullen at the Northampton County Court House in Easton PA after he pleaded guilty to the murder of Ottomar Schramm. Picture credit to

Latest Episode

 This week we close out the case of Charles Cullen with the involvement of Amy Loughren, how his trial went down, and the effects his crimes had on the guidelines for hospital and medical center reporting. 

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Amy Loughren discusses her story in the Netflix Documentary "Capturing the Killer Nurse". Credit to Netflix & Netflix Tudum.

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   The Hosts...


Lillee Izadi

Lillee is the lead host and editor of Ethical Side Effects, the medical crime-focused podcast that will keep you on the edge of your seat with crazy and infamous malpractice cases.


Lillee was born and raised in Florida and graduated from Florida Southern College where she studied Biology. Currently, she is working as a Clinical Research Coordinator and Doctoral Diversity Program Scholar in the GYN specialties division at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Whenever Lillee isn't working on the latest episode of Ethical Side Effects, she is binging the latest crime podcasts or watching Bob's Burgers.


TJ McKay

TJ is the co-host and main PR plug for the Ethical Side Effects podcast. He always looks forward to hearing the latest malpractice case that Lillee has been researching.


TJ is originally from the west coast but grew up as a military brat. After graduating from the University of Tampa with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry, he now works in Maryland as an analytical chemist for a private corporation. When TJ isn't working or helping with the podcast, he is checking his investment portfolio or watching funny videos on YouTube.

   The Podcast...

Ethical Side Effects is a bimonthly podcast for the science nerds who are undercover crime addicts. This podcast was created to not only give those with an interest in medicine another type of crime fix,  but to bring awareness to what the standard care of medicine should be: "do no harm". Although the field of medicine has made quite the stride in recent decades, there is no doubt that medical mistakes and malpractice can still go, shall we say, "untreated". Whether these malpractice cases are due to innocent human error, lack of proper medical advancements, or plain maliciousness and bias, Lillee and TJ want to explore why these complications are still so common. As aspiring physicians, they also wanted to bring you along for the ride as they learn more about the side of  healthcare that no one ever talks about, as well as tell the many stories of those who have been wronged by the healthcare system. 

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